We support Gary Yee for Oakland School Board - District 4!

  • Libby Schaaf, Mayor, City of Oakland
  • Annie Campbell-Washington, Vice Mayor, Oakland City Councilmember District 4
  • Dick Spees, Oakland City Councilmember (ret) District 4
  • Aimee Eng, OUSD School Board President District 2
  • Jody London, OUSD School Board Director District 1
  • Nina Senn, OUSD School Board Director District 4
  • James Harris, OUSD School Board Director District 7
  • Wilma Chan, Alameda County Supervisor, District 3
  • Karen Weinstein, Peralta Colleges, Trustee, Area 6
  • Nicky Gonzalez-Yuen, Peralta Colleges, Trustee, Area 4
  • Joaquin Rivera, Alameda County Office of Education, Trustee, Area 1
  • Elsa Ortiz, AC Transit District Board of Directors, President, Ward 3
  • Denise Saddler, Principal, Montclair
  • Darren Avent, Principal, Montera
  • Steven Daubenspeck, Principal, Thornhill
  • Nancy Bloom, Principal, Skyline HS, Montclair
  • Dante Ruiz, Principal, Global Family 
  • Will Chavarain, Principal, Castlemont High School
  • Michael Peters, Teacher, Montera
  • Mark Louie, Teacher, Hoover
  • Awele Makeba, Teacher, Skyline HS
  • Richard Thompson, Teacher, Thornhill School
  • David Caven, Teacher, Horace Mann School
  • Carol Pancho Ash, Teacher, Sequoia School (ret)
  • Connie Branson, Teacher, Lincoln School (ret)
  • Kathy Maloney, Principal, Sequoia (ret)
  • Katie McLane, Principal, Kaiser (ret)
  • Yvonne Allara, Principal, Oakland High School (ret)
  • Sheilagh Andujar, Assoc Supt, Special Education and Principal, Oakland Tech (ret)
  • Dr. Louise Waters, Superintendent, Leadership Public Schools
  • Jenna Stauffer, CEO and co-founder, Lighthouse Community Charter Schools
  • Rev. Pedro Morataya, Pastor, Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana
  • Rev. James Hopkins, Pastor, Lakeshore Baptist
  • Rev. Randy Roth, Pastor, First Covenant Church, founder Faith Network of the East Bay (ret)
  • Rev. Monte McClain, Pastor, College Avenue Presbyterian Church and Fruitvale Presbyterian Church
  • Andreas Ferreira-Cluver, Secretary Treasurer, Building & Construction Trades Council
  • Dr. Ken Berrick, CEO, Seneca Family of Agencies
  • David Kakishiba, Executive Director, East Bay Asian Youth Center
  • Lacy Asbill, Parent and co-founder, MovingForward Institute
  • Julie Haydon, Director, Children's Choirs, Cantare con Vivo
  • Ed Chun, Parent and President, Redwood Heights PTA
  • Earl Crawford, Principal and Parent, Sequoia School
  • Angela Aquino, Principal and Parent, Sequoia School
  • Nick Resnick, Parent and Sr. Program Manager, California Education Partners
  • Blanche Bluford, Parent, Met West HS
  • Jayi Thompson, Dept Chair, Merritt Community College
  • Chris Wu, Faculty, College of Alameda


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